Consultancy Services

Having been at the forefront of cycling’s recent revival with Sustrans I have a vast knowledge and experience of what works, what cyclists want and need, along with how to make it happen. This ranges from planning routes, building paths, maintaining them, commissioning sculptures, running training workshops for support service providers, organising and leading events and rides from long distance challenges for hundreds of cyclists to weekend trips for a few.

I can call on the expert assistance of route surveyors with unparalleled knowledge of Rights of Way, path designers and structural engineers, map producers, photographers and media-savvy publicists.

I have 25 years of experience in the planning and construction of cycle routes in a wide range of circumstances and environments varying from a city urban environment right out to the remotest wilderness.

This process involves much more than just the physical construction of a surface to cycle on. I can offer advice, assistance and guidance based on solid experience in the following areas: issues relating to land-use planning, potential benefits to the local community and regeneration of depressed rural economies. As a part time farmer and smallholder, I have seen many of these arguments from both sides of the fence.

While routes, such as the C2C in particular, have grown in popularity to become market leaders and icons, I have been able to advise a multitude of people as to how to maximise potential, increase commercial awareness and profit. This has included farmers and landowners converting redundant buildings into bunk houses and tea-rooms. Shopkeepers, rural post offices and cafes have clamoured to become stamping stations to get cyclists through their doors and spending money. Shop front layout and lateral thinking in stocked product range is all that it takes! I have designed branded merchandise ranging from T shirts, badges, mugs, caps, fridge magnets, postcards and even towels. I have run workshops for B+Bs, Guesthouse and Hostel owners providing guidance as to what cyclists really want and expect; often contrary to what local tourist boards have imagined.

I also have considerable Media experience ranging from organising opening events, documentary features, motivational/inspirational programmes and Global Award ceremonies.

Over the years I have also advised countless groups of cyclists determined to organise trips on long distance routes for charity, pointing them to likely transport providers, suitable accommodation and sources of suitable supplies and equipment.

Put simply - if you want to go somewhere with your bike, or cyclists to come to you, come to me first!