Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay to join this event?

When you have decided to do a ride like the C2C you may be confronted by a confusing mass of railway timetables, single tickets, limits on bikes on trains or expensive mini bus hire , grumbling relatives/partners, worry about carrying luggage, car parking, accommodation, un-reliable mates who fail to show up and so forth…not to mention cost. So we are offering to take care of all of the above and leave you to concentrate on enjoying the ride!

What do I get for my Entry Fee?

You get transport by coach for you, your bike and baggage from a central collection point (usually close to the eventual finish) to the start of the route. Your baggage delivered to your overnight stop. This will usually be an organized campsite, but depending on the event may be in a Youth Hostel or bunkhouse. Overnight accommodation at the designated stop. (You may opt to stay in alternative accommodation at your own expense). A basic breakfast the following morning. An emergency rescue service on the route. The rest is up to you!!

How fit will I have to be?

This is a Challenge event so there is a presumption that you are accepting the challenge – most of the routes require you to cycle around 70 miles in a day.

What sort of bike or tyres do I need?

None of routes will require a full suspension off-road MTB nor will they be suitable for lightweight road racers. The majority is on tarmac with shorter sections on stone tracks and paths. Big knobblies will slow you on tarmac, 23c slicks will be fairly uncomfortable off-road; so something in-between.

What kit do I need to bring?

Bike!, waterproofs, change of clothes, tent, sleeping bag, puncture repair kit or spare tube, and tools. Route maps are advisable in lieu of missing signs. BUT BBQs, kitchen sinks, tuxedos and cuddly toys will be refused!

What if I have a problem?

If your bike completely breaks down we will rescue you and take you back to the campsite/finish; we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix your bike. You should be able to fix your own minor mechanicals/punctures on route and should carry the appropriate tools. If you are ill or injured we will pick you up, mere tiredness does not qualify. Overall just remember that if you call for help trivially you may be delaying and or preventing someone else in serious distress from getting help.

What happens at the finish?

Please check in with the organisers You will get whatever medal, T Shirt, goodie bag is on offer. You will be able to collect your baggage and disperse. Please do not slope off before the finish, or go shopping, to the pub or whatever without informing the organisers, as we will assume you are still out on the route etc and may still be waiting and guarding your baggage, or even sending out a search party!

What rides will be organized for 2015?

Watch this site for details of the 2015 event as they become available.